The Ashkenazi Synagogue in Constanta (Romania)


Also known as the Big Synagogue, it was built in 1911 by the local community, in a Moorish style.

During WWII it was used for ammunition storage, just as the nearby Constanta Casino was used as an improvised hospital and was partially damaged by bombings.

The other synagogue in town, the Sephardi Temple, was badly damaged in the 1977 earthquake and demolished soon after.

Abandoned about 15 years ago, The Ashkenazi Synagogue has slowly degraded and some years ago the roof has collapsed, taking all the columns of the left side inner balcony with it.

Work to preserve further damage has begun in 2019 but it is slow and underfunded, while a full restoration is nowhere in sight for the foreseeable future. The local Jewish Community is made up of not more than 50 families.



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